Bunion surgery may cost you a fortune. Some patients who suffer from bunion pain seek home remedies or treatment to save up on cost. Patients always ask if there are bunions treatments without going through surgery. We have compiled several hacks for you to try to reduce bunion pain. However, note that these are just some hacks. Still best to seek professional help.

A foot specialist in Singapore suggested ways to prevent bunions from getting worse,

1. Proper sizes of shoes.

This is one of the simplest things you can do to decrease the pain from your bunions. It’s important to wear proper fitting shoes that don’t trigger your bunion.

2. Bunion splints and toe spacers.

These two help in realigning your toes in a better shape and position. Toe spacers should be worn inside your shoes while walking, standing up, and doing other daily activities that require your foot to move, while splints are for overnight use.

3. Customised orthotics, or arch supports

Before buying one, it should be prescribed by a foot or ankle doctor from Singapore first. If a doctor suggests you use one, make sure to invest in professionally made, custom-tailored orthotic slips. It should hold your foot in the proper position without pressuring your bunions. It may be a bit expensive but think of the costs that you would save if you opt for surgery instead.

4. Oral or topical medications.

Your podiatrist may prescribe you oral or topical anti-inflammatory medications to help lessen the pain of your bunions.

These are just ways to prevent the pain from your bunion. It’s important to realise that these are just bunion treatments and therapies, even without surgery. It will lessen the pain but doesn’t necessarily mean it will heal and vanish.

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Monday, Sep 25, 2023