It’s a common dream for many to have sparkling whiter teeth. Hence many invest their hard-earned money opting for a teeth whitening treatment in Singapore (and a few costly dental products). After a dentist finishes whitening your teeth and you walk out of the clinic, you’ll feel satisfied. Your bright smile can work wonders in building self-confidence and keeping your esteem positive.

However, teeth whitening services west jordan ut requires aftercare, which requires effort maintaining it. If you want the effect to last long after the treatment, you must follow a few helpful aftercare guidelines. Nevertheless, it’s a priority to follow if your dentist has provided instructions. Here are a few tips to serve as an aftercare guideline for long-lasting whitened teeth:

Refrain From Acidic Foods

After undergoing a dental teeth whitening treatment, it’s time to consider refraining from consuming highly acidic foods and beverages, such as limes, soda, grapefruits, etc. Teeth whitening treatment may weaken your teeth’ enamel pores due to bleach, which opens up. It makes your teeth stain and decay after the treatment, which leads to weakness. It also leads to sensitivity to hot or cold foods.

Avoid Smoking

Another habit you should consider cutting out of your lifestyle (if you want lasting white teeth) is to stop smoking. Smoking is a dangerous habit (and addiction) that comes with ‘serious’ repercussions to your health in the long run. Smoking can stain your teeth, turning them into a yellowish tint due to nicotine and tar. Not to mention, its chemical properties can increase your risk of developing gum disease.

Always Rinse Your Mouth

A few days after you undergo a teeth whitening in Singapore (usually 48 hours), you can enjoy eating your favourite food with mild and extra care. In the long run, it does not equate to consuming any food type. Your teeth are not immune to staining and weakening, and food properties, such as acid and chemical compounds, can damage your teeth. Rinsing your mouth once in a while with water after eating a meal (especially with colour) can protect your teeth from staining.

Drink Coffee and Soda With Straw

Drinking your beverage with a straw (especially drinks with colours that can cause stains) is a long-term practice to ensure lasting protection for your teeth. A straw lessens teeth exposure from drinks, such as soda and coffee that can cause staining. Thus when you decide to dine outdoors, ensure you carry a personal recyclable straw or at least opt for one when ordering drinks.

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Monday, Sep 25, 2023