There is always a first time for everyone. While it is true that seeing a doctor is nothing new, going to a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore is not common.

Some people go there to get a sports massage and other physiotherapy procedures in Singapore so their bodies will feel better.

If you are one of these people and plan to get osteopathy in the CBD or anywhere else, the following are the things you can expect to happen at your first appointment.

1. Do An Initial Assessment

Even if your initial concern is to get neck pain treatment in Singapore, the doctor will have to assess your condition first. You can expect them to ask about your medical history, hobbies, and lifestyle at this point.

2. Asks You To Perform Some Exercises

Afterwards, they will ask you to perform some exercises to check how flexible your muscles and bones are.

3. Undergo Nerve Testing

You can also expect to undergo nerve testing through dry needling in Singapore to see if your nerves can still feel anything.

4. Outline A Suitable Treatment Plan

After the assessment, the doctor will outline a suitable treatment plan to make your body feel better in no time.

5. First Session Will Begin

Once done, they will ask you whether or not you want to begin the first session on your first appointment.

6. Provide With A List Of Home Exercise

After 45 minutes to an hour of physiotherapy at your chosen clinic in Singapore, the doctor will ask you to do some exercise at home. Make sure to perform them, note down your condition, and bring your journal to the next meeting.

Even if you plan to get stretch therapy in Singapore, you will have to go through all of these, especially if you still do not have records from your chosen clinic.

Consider going to Edge Healthcare since this physiotherapy clinic has a branch in Tanjong Pagar and other locations in the country. You can even get physiotherapy at their clinic on Orchard Road.

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Monday, Sep 25, 2023