Testicles are an egg-shaped gland inside the scrotum and at the back of the penis. It is also known as the man’s balls. Testicles play a big role in the male puberty and human reproduction as it produces sperm and hormones such as testosterone. A normal male will have two testicles and you should feel the testicle smooth. Having a slight difference between the left and right of testicle should not raise concerns as one testicle might be a bit bigger or hanging a bit lower than the other. In this DoctorOnCall article, we will be focusing on a swollen testicle and how you can treat it.

Any changes to the testicle or to the feel of having it, even in small amounts, might easily worry you. This is because testicle is indeed a very sensitive part of the body thanks to an abundance of nerves covering the entire testicle region. Certainly, explain why getting kicked in the balls causes a man to shriek in pain and agony. One of the changes to the testicles is a swollen testicle. Before you attempt to treat a swollen testicle by yourself, you need to understand there are many causes leading to such. Common causes include:

1-    Orchitis; infection and inflammation of the testicle

2-    Hydrocele; a build-up fluid inside the scrotum or around the testicle usually from injury or infection

3-    Epididymal cysts; accumulation of fluid in the epididymis which is tube carrying the sperm before leaving the testicle

4-    Varicocele, vein enlargement within the scrotum

5-    Direct trauma to the testicle

6-    Testicular cancer

A swollen testicle certainly causes you to find ways to reduce it. There are some steps you can take to help reduce it. You should lie down and make sure the scrotum is levitated. You can fold a towel and put underneath your thigh to help raise the scrotum. This will help fluid and/or blood to flow out and eventually make you feel better. You can take painkillers and use cool compression on the scrotum to help ease the swelling.  Nonetheless, you should go see a doctor if you are concerned with the swelling or the swelling causing you pain or discomfort. Another sign to meet a doctor if the swelling does not get away. If you feel no pain from the swelling and you realise the swollen testicle is firm, this could be a sign of cancer and you may need to meet healthcare professionals for further evaluation.

It is important to make sure the swollen testicle issue is resolved as it can bring complications to those who do not get the right treatment or have a prolonged episode of the swelling. A swollen testicle can greatly affect fertility of a man due to hormone production being disrupted especially in cases of severe trauma, infection and cancer. Even most cases of a swollen testicle is temporary and can be treated well, in some cases a person may face reproduction issues as the testicle is unable to make normal levels of testosterone. In fact, some cases such as in cancer may need to remove the testicle entirely and this will definitely impact a man’s fertility and hormones.

Performing a self-exam on the testicle can greatly help you to identify any changes that could be a sign of cancer or infection. A person should do this every month or so. It is a simple and quick way to make sure the testicle is always in check. By becoming familiar with the testicles, you are actually helping yourself to get early treatment and evaluation upon identifying any changes to it before it resulted in a much problematic issue.  Get Vaccinated.

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Monday, Sep 25, 2023