It has been a year since I lost my grandmother due to bone cancer. It started from a slip-and-fall accident, got treated by traditional and ancient medical practices, and the next thing we knew, she needed multiple chemotherapy sessions. It all happened so fast. We were having fun one day. The next day, we were already mourning her loss. I cannot emphasise enough how crucial and vital cancer testing is.

We already had a hunch that my grandmum was severely sick, but we would probably never discover her disease if it weren’t for that one blood test for cancer. Again, the importance of cancer testing cannot get overemphasised. Genetic testing will be much more critical if it runs in your family.

Both children and adults can experience bone cancer. My grandmum experienced a few early warning signs. Let me share some of these. If you or your loved one encounter these early warning signs, get cancer testing as soon as possible.


Even with breast, lung, cervical, or colon cancer test, no matter the screening you’re planning to get, pain is one of the most common symptoms cancer patients encounter. The tenderness on your body often occurs whether you’re resting or moving. According to research, some common reasons for pain strikes are when chemicals released by cancer cells, metastasis, or tumours push other bodily areas.


I noticed a few swelling changes in my grandmother, too. One of which was her swollen right thigh. They may encounter swelling due to unusual lumps. If you observe any swollen area on their body and are unsure where it came from, getting cancer testing and seeking help may be the best next steps.


While she was getting chemotherapy, my grandmum also had difficulty moving around and doing her everyday activities, including walking, sitting, and the like.


Fatigue after a long day of play, work, or anything under the sun differs from extreme fatigue cancer patients feel. If they feel exhausted and beaten even after an eight-hour sleep, it can be an early sign of cancer. Consider consulting their doctor and getting a blood test for cancer.


Fever can also be a common warning sign of cancer. If any family member has a recurring fever that only occurs most of the time during the night, experiences night sweats, but has no other signs of infection, it may be a sign to get cancer testing.


One slip-and-fall accident in the bathroom grew into a deadly disease. This one is a rare symptom but if your loved one suffered from a fracture and weak bones, consider asking for help and getting a blood test for cancer.


Weight fluctuates, especially when you’re switching to a new diet. However, if your person loses tons of pounds, even without any changes or loss of appetite, it may indicate an early warning sign of cancer. Get tested, and get cancer testing.

There is no harm in trying cancer testing today. Trust me. It pays a lot when you’re wary of your health. Contact Guardant Health AMEA today to enquire about their services!

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Monday, Sep 25, 2023