People who got blessed with good hearing are possibly curious about how hearing aids work. These tools serve as an aid to those suffering from hearing impairment or loss in Singapore. Worn by millions of people across the globe, hearing aids are modified hearing solutions personally customised for the person’s hearing needs.

If your audiologist in Singapore recommends you to use hearing aids, know these most commonly encountered problems when wearing them.


For people with hearing loss in Singapore, their ability to process sounds is challenging when they first try hearing aids. You would also listen to sounds that are high-pitched, artificial, or sounds similar to an old telephone recording.


Some hearing aids amplify a static, high-pitched ringing or feedback when rubbed against each other. The most significant way to avoid feedback is to get it custom-moulded to your needs in a hearing clinic in Singapore.


Another main worry for people with hearing loss in Singapore is the imbalance in the volume. While some hearing aids are well-adjusted already, some aren’t, thus, causing it to be either too loud or not loud enough. Try to adjust the volume manually.


Fast-dying batteries have been a common problem for people with hearing loss in Singapore wearing hearing aids. Generally, the batteries of hearing aids last for 30 days. Always carry a spare battery with you and start replacing them if the sounds become distorted.


One of the struggles of hearing aid users is sleeping. How do their hearing aids work, which position should they sleep in, and how do they adjust their tools when sleeping?

The best way to wear hearing aids conveniently is by getting them well-customised, personalised, and modified to your hearing needs. Be sure to do an online hearing test and consult an audiologist in Singapore for the appropriate hearing aids.

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Monday, Sep 25, 2023