Chiropractic doctors are well-known for their knowledge of the musculoskeletal system. This shows that most of their patients have a back or neck issue. Conversely, the spine oversees a far larger section of the body and its functions than you might think.

Chiropractors may reduce symptoms related to ailments that most people feel can only be cured with pharmaceuticals when they treat patients’ concerns. Chiropractic care is comprehensive. This means that their position is perfect for individuals who are apprehensive about taking drugs and dealing with the adverse effects.

Foundation Chiropractic, for example, treats patients for any of the following conditions. As you can see, this clinic can treat more than simply the common low back pain that they are usually associated with.

Fertility Issues

Parenting is often regarded as one of the most significant benefits a person can get. However, this road is only possible for some, with over 6 million women in America alone struggling to conceive naturally. While many individuals seek therapy through drugs or IVF, chiropractors can provide a less invasive option.

By straightening spines, chiropractors can help balance hormones and stimulate ovulation by enhancing blood flow in the body. Furthermore, chiropractors can alter the pelvis, which can affect the uterine flow or make sexual activity hard. This is advantageous to both men and women.

Women who get pregnant can continue to receive chiropractic therapy. The ability to shift the pelvic area facilitates delivery and allows the baby more room to develop and move. This reduces the likelihood of premature births and infections.


While some people struggle with it, breathing is the most fundamental function of life. When asthmatics inhale dust or mold spores, their lungs get irritated. Though the majority of instances are moderate, severe ones can cause severe coughing and even passing out owing to a lack of oxygen.

While medications and inhalers can help with asthma symptoms, the underlying cause can be treated at a chiropractic office. The musculoskeletal and neurological systems must operate properly in order to breathe. Because the phrenic nerve governs the diaphragm, issues with the lower vertebrae can worsen asthma.

Foundation Asthmatic individuals can be x-rayed at a chiropractic care center and other clinics to evaluate if this part of the body needs treatment. Because asthma attacks can cause patients to push their backs out as a result of coughing and gasping, chiropractic therapy can also help with this.


Both ADD and ADHD, which are more frequent among teenagers, are characterized by a lack of concentration and a predisposition to act on impulse. Both conditions can have a harmful impact on job and school performance, making it difficult to relax. Asthmatics, for example, are frequently medicated.

This method is usually beneficial, although it has several disadvantages. Patients frequently suffer anxiety and stress. Some medicines might cause people to appear so silent that they resemble zombies. This aggravates the illnesses’ symptoms.

Nerves in the body have an impact on both physical and mental function. Conditions like ADD and ADHD are becoming increasingly common as subluxations interfere with their work. Chiropractors are well-versed in the exact areas of the spine where these subluxations can be corrected. According to studies, their therapy can alleviate the negative consequences of both disorders without the need for medications.


Humans are frequently stressed. For some, it might be tied to their employment or family life. Some people, on the other hand, may suffer from mental health difficulties that make even a little stress incapacitating. Anxiety can cause panic attacks, apathy at work, and persistent headaches.

As was previously stated, your nerves have an impact on your brain. Chiropractors will reduce the tension in the neurological system caused by spinal dislocation. This improves nerve communication with the rest of the body, including brain neurons. You could profit from seeing a massage therapist or an acupuncturist in addition to their therapy.

Body tension can make mobility difficult at times. When aches are reduced, being active becomes easier. Physical activity is not just good for the body; it may also help with cognitive performance. Physical activity and movement have been demonstrated to alleviate stress.

Who Is Eligible for Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is accessible to people of all ages. Although the majority of people are above the age of 45, the diseases described above can affect anyone at any age. Children’s bones are still developing. Thus, they may be sent to a chiropractor. This increases the therapy’s efficacy and compassion.

Seeing a chiropractor while you’re younger can also help keep issues from deteriorating and lower your chance of injury. When your spinal cord is strengthened, performing things you like, such as sports, becomes easier. Chiropractic care may also reduce the likelihood of acquiring arthritis.

Foundation Chiropractic Serves Idahoans With the Best Care

To ensure that you are receiving proper care, perform research on local clinics to ensure that they will give a solution that solves the aforementioned issues. Idahoans will always have access to Foundation Chiropractic.

Foundation Chiropractic provides a more soothing experience by utilizing the torque release technique (TRT), as well as a non-medicated answer to many of your concerns. To correct spinal abnormalities, your chiropractor will utilize a device known as an integrator because the procedure is so safe. Patients as young as neonates have been treated by it with great success.

Foundation Chiropractic is a fully integrated practice dedicated to your overall well-being. They recognize that your mental wellness affects how your body functions and vice versa. If you do not receive complete therapy, you are more likely to develop symptoms sooner.

They will go over your medical history and discuss your lifestyle with you, which may assist in the diagnosis of underlying problems that you are unaware of. They will show you your improvement as they continue to care for you in order to keep you encouraged and on track with your therapy.

Medicines can be quite beneficial, but only some people appreciate the way they make them feel. Fortunately, natural treatments for many illnesses and conditions have been demonstrated to be successful. To discover more about Foundation Chiropractic’s technique, go to You can now join their long list of pleased clients.

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Monday, Sep 25, 2023