Sobriety has the potential to be one of life’s most liberating experiences. After struggling with drug addiction for a long time, becoming clean will bring about a healthier outlook and a better future. You shouldn’t let up just because you’ve completed an inpatient rehabilitation program.

Outpatient treatment programs allow recovering addicts to continue with their daily life while still receiving therapy, rather than being confined to a hospital environment. Inner Voyage Recovery Center in Atlanta, GA offers an outpatient program (OP) for individuals who are still going through tough times but don’t require inpatient therapy. While this form of therapy may appear to be the ideal choice for some, others may initially benefit from more intense treatment, so it’s important to have some background knowledge before beginning.

What Are The Benefits?

Treatment might be difficult for many people because it doesn’t feel like “normal life.” Workers cannot enter and exit the building in the same manner that they normally would. Consequently, upon returning to reality, people may experience confusion. They won’t be able to return to their previous ways of doing things if they receive OP care, which may make the adjustment simpler and give them someone to talk to when they need it.

The individual is less likely to sit about all day if they participate in sessions regularly (either daily or weekly). Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), family therapy, and trauma therapy are just a few of the treatments offered at Inner Voyage Recovery Center. If you require any supplementary services or medical aid to aid in your recuperation, you will also have the opportunity to receive them.

Why Isn’t Everyone Allowed to Participate?

Although there are many benefits to OP treatment, it may not be easy for everyone. This is the end outcome of not closely monitoring patients throughout the day. Because of this, some individuals may relapse and begin abusing substances. Furthermore, inpatient care may offer therapy for mental health issues that would otherwise be unavailable to those living at home.

In order for outpatient treatment to be effective in maintaining sobriety, patients must strictly follow their therapist’s orders and show up for all scheduled visits. If they are unsure of their capacity to handle this, they should talk to their care team about other possibilities.

Additional Programs

With OP therapy, many addicts reach the “alumni” stage of their recovery journey. A certain form of rehab treatment is usually the best place to start for severely damaged people. Patients may be able to receive further monitoring through one of Inner Voyage Recovery Center’s many outpatient programs.

Patients undergoing partial hospitalization programming (PHP) therapy typically require more sessions compared to those undergoing other treatments. Combining residential and inpatient treatment is most beneficial for patients. This is usually the greatest choice for people who have just left a residential environment or who would rather not use a residential institution altogether.

Despite requiring fewer sessions and expert evaluations, intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) offer patients more structure than outpatient therapy (OPT). After completing residential therapy, such as PHP, patients have the option to participate in IOP. They stand out due to their increased free time.

Inner Voyage Recovery Center’s young adult recovery program helps people between the ages of 18 and 25 maintain sobriety while also addressing difficulties specific to that age group.

There isn’t a silver bullet for happiness, and that’s something everyone at the Inner Voyage Recovery Center knows. They are cognizant of the fact that, despite widespread desires to resume normal life, doing so requires encouragement and assistance. Regardless of the type of outpatient therapy that is required, the client will be shown by their treatment team that they are more than their addiction and that they can recover.

Are you having trouble sticking to your treatment plan after seeing a therapist? Inner Voyage Recovery Center staff are more than willing to lend a hand. You can get help figuring out which of their solutions is ideal for your situation when you give them a call.

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Thursday, May 23, 2024