RAD140 additionally referred to as testolone, is a new investigational drug that has become popular amongst bodybuilders, who declare that it has muscle-building impacts. RAD140 is part of a course of substances called SARMs.

SARMs connect with androgen receptors which are located in different locations of the body. Usually, these receptors connect with androgens, which are a group of steroid hormones. Androgens like dihydrotestosterone, testosterone, as well as androstenedione are normally generated by the body.

SARMs, as well as testosterone often tend to have similar impacts due to the fact that they work on the same receptor. The desired targets of SARMs consist of the bones, muscles, as well as liver.

SARMs are of a specific rate of interest to researchers since they are discerning concerning where they function. They mainly target bones and muscles and show up to have marginal results on the prostate and various other body organs. Because of this, a few researchers think that SARMs can potentially deal with muscle-wasting or hormone-related conditions with fewer adverse effects than existing therapies, yet this is an unverified theory without data to back it up.

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This potential has additionally made SARMs a popular option over steroids or testosterone for bodybuilders. Although testosterone, as well as steroids, enhance muscle growth, they likewise have undesirable results on the reproductive organs and prostate, to name a few.

  • Testolone or RAD140 is a SARM: it imitates testosterone; however, mostly targets the muscles, which some think might potentially minimize its side effects compared to testosterone or various other steroids. No information backs up this hypothesis.



  • May rise muscle
  • May protect brain cells
  • May rise fat-burning
  • May be advantageous for certain breast cancers


  • May suppress testosterone
  • No human studies
  • May create a loss of exhaustion, hair, as well as mood swings
  • Long-lasting risks are unidentified
  • The ideal dose is unidentified
  • Full adverse effects and security profiles are unidentified

Usage in Bodybuilding

RAD140 has become prominent in guys with reduced testosterone that wish to prevent testosterone substitute therapy but are seeking to preserve their sex-related and physical performance. Such usage is still completely unscientific, without research to back it up.
In fact, without full research, testosterone substitute therapy continues to be a more secure method than utilizing SARMs like testolone. Remember that we know nothing regarding the safety account of this experimental, unauthorized medicine, while the effects of testosterone are well-studied, as well as predictable.

Studies are investigating the possible duty of RAD140 in combating breast cancer, enhancing muscle, and protecting brain cells.

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Monday, Sep 25, 2023