More and more athletes have been getting sports physiotherapy in Singapore due to the outstanding health benefits they experience every session. Thanks to this one-of-a-kind complementary or alternative treatment, their muscles, joints, and bones become less painful and stiff and more flexible and stable. Physio sessions also help them recover from injuries and avoid costly surgeries.

If you plan on visiting a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore for the first time, you may wonder what can happen during your appointment at such a facility. Will your visit be like any other checkup at a health centre? Will the treatment work after one session? What do I do after my physio? Read on to find the answers to your questions.

1. Condition Assessment

Like virtually every screening at all health facilities, your appointment with the best physiotherapist in Singapore starts with an assessment. Your physiotherapist will ask about your overall condition or injury before testing your strength, flexibility, and range of motion through a series of examinations.

2. Treatment Administration

Once your physiotherapist finishes checking your body and learning about the health concern troubling it, they will begin administering the treatment appropriate for your condition. They may recommend you undergo vestibular physiotherapy to reduce your dizziness. They may also perform musculoskeletal physio to minimise joint stiffness or muscle inflammation.

3. Aftercare Recommendations

Orchard physiotherapy and osteopathy clinic visits include aftercare recommendations from your physiotherapist. These guidelines will ensure the treatment’s effectiveness and prevent complications. They may instruct you to rest and drink plenty of water or perform exercises at home to continue your rehabilitation.

4. Appointment Rescheduling

Most of the time, patients need multiple sports physiotherapy sessions to treat their health conditions. After your first one, your physiotherapist may ask you to return to their facility to attend more physio sessions or try other treatment options like dry needling in their Singapore facility.

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Monday, Sep 25, 2023